Monday, April 27, 1998

Hell High

(Another review by Rob-Dogg)

1986, Prism Entertainment

Starring: Christopher Stryker as Dickens, Christopher Cousins as Jon-Jon, Millie Prezioso as Queeny, Jason Brill as the fat kid, and Maureen Mooney as Ms. Storm

Rob-Dogg's Review:
of 5 skulls

After seeing the opening scene of this movie I was like, damn, this is going to be a great movie! There was a naked chick right near the beginning and there was also a cool death scene when a guy and his girlfriend (the naked chick) fly off a motorcycle and land on metal spears. The girl even spit up some blood!

Now do not let me deceive you, because there was not another death scene for a long time.

The other death scenes were not all that great, except for the scene when the teacher jumps out the window and another scene where the same teacher bashes in a girl's skull with a huge rock. I think this movie is still definitely worth a look though.

For more information from the IMDb: Hell High